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Ridiculous achievements

Posted by பிரேமலதா மேல் திசெம்பர் 10, 2007

Ridiculous “achievements”!

Of all the records played up so far, 10-year-old S. Deepa’s feat stands as a test of talent. She can recite all 1,330 couplets of Thirukural in 13 minutes, which means she delivers each one in less than a second. 

At first sight, the girl’s recital might seem incomprehensible, with her lips quivering at intense speed to utter the couplets. A closer observation reveals more such inconceivable efforts.

She is now trained to recite the couplets along with their meaning, her trainer Mr. Shanmuganadhan said.

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Goodness of fit

Posted by பிரேமலதா மேல் ஜூலை 12, 2007

Related topic: Making geniuses

consider a country like India. What options do we have? ……. We believe in route learning with a fierce emphasis on academics. Even if we have options we tend to pick a school that values academics more than anything. We derive our pride from the fact that our children can read much before the other kids. This mother I met at a Parent and Me class told me that she does not prefer a Montessori kind of teaching because, ‘They encourage the kid to do what the kid likes to do. What if my kid wants to paint and draw, when will she learn math and science? What good is it?’. ……..

………..The lack of options is based on culture. Indian culture, for that matter most of the eastern cultures, is all about fitting in…………..

………..I know how hard it is when you don’t fit in. I spent my whole school life trying to fit in. …………..

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Psychology and childhood

Posted by பிரேமலதா மேல் ஜூன் 29, 2007

It is my favourite subject. இப்பவும் என்னோட ஒவ்வொரு shortcomingsக்கும் என்னை வளர்த்தவங்களைத்தான் குறை சொல்லுவேன் ( 😀 ). நான் எவ்வளவு கரெக்க்ட்டுன்னு எனக்கு சந்தோசமாயிருக்கு. 😀

He beats you up regularly for trivial reasons such as not doing homework or asking for some candy. This filters into your subconscious. Later on, in life, you will likely not able to negotiate with anybody. Let us say you board an autorickshaw and try to negotiate with the driver. Your subconscious will cower at the sight of any adult and prevent you from negotiating a fair price. You also may not be able to negotiate with your boss about your salary.

நன்றி கில்லி.

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ஆபரேஷன் மனப்பாறை.

Posted by Boo மேல் ஜூன் 22, 2007

ஒரு கின்னஸ் ரெக்கார்டுக்காக பதினைந்து வயது மகனை சிசேரியன் ஆபரேஷன் செய்ய அனுமதிச்சு இருக்காங்க இந்த அம்மா அப்பா. இரெண்டு பேருமே மருத்துவர்கள்ன்னு சொல்லித்தான் தெரியணுமா? இத பெருமையா பீத்திக்கிட்டு இப்ப மாட்டிக்கிட்டு முழிக்கறாங்க. இதுல ஒரே ஆறுதலான செய்தி – தாயும் சேயும் நலம்!

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Paedophile network smashed

Posted by பிரேமலதா மேல் ஜூன் 18, 2007

Cox, of Buxhall, Suffolk, ran a website enabling the exchange of abuse images.


……was handed an indeterminate sentence at Ipswich Crown Court.

Under the terms of his sentence, he must satisfy the authorities that he is fit for release and does not pose any threat to the community before he can ever be set free.


In total, 31 children were saved as a result of the investigation, CEOP said.

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சின்னக் குழந்தையா இருந்தா எவ்ளோ நல்லா இருக்கும்…?

Posted by The Visitor மேல் ஜூன் 14, 2007

…அப்படி ன்னு நாமா எல்லோரும் நினைக்கிறது சகஜம். ஆனா சோமா
‘வேண்டாமடா சாமி’! னு அலறுகிறார். Read On Becoming A Child.

But I digress. This post is on the rigours of becoming a child.

When I was born to this world, my parents were remarkably unexcited. I draw this painful conclusion from the fact that they did not even bother to come up with a name for me and when they finally did, they chose what will one day undoubtedly qualify as a common noun since every second person I met in school was my namesake.

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